Toonsville, Cartoon Christmas, and Simply Poly World.

Back in March last year i posted that i was going to start working on a set of cartoon models called “Toonsville”, i got a little side tracked, as i do all too often, and never got around to making the models.

After clearing up a back log of other work, and answering a request on the GameGuru forum i am now back to working on cartoon models.

For Christmas i released a series of cartoon style models for free to the GameGuru community, you can read abot them on the GameGuru forum here, and they can be downloaded either from that forum thread, or form the Carton category of the store on this site.

Toonsville is still on the back burner so to speak, i have lots of plans for that, but at the moment it’s not a priority.

Instead i am focusing on a series of models that i decided to make after reading a request from a member of the GameGuru community, this will be a large collection of small packs (10 to 12 per pack) called Simply Poly World, these packs will consist of  a large range of models in a simplistic block cartoon style, with plain, bright colours.

The first of these packs “Simply Poly – Vehicles – pack 1” has already been released on the TGC store, consisting of twelve simplistic block cartoon vehicles; Ambulance, Bus, Cars (in five colours), Fire Truck, Police Car, Refuse Truck, Taxi, and Truck.

The next pack that i am working on is “Simply Poly – Roads – pack 1”, this will consist of various simple block cartoon road surfaces with sidewalks, and i’m hoping to upload this to the TGC store tomorrow.


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