The Island

This is the project i’m currently working on, it’s a long term project that i’m putting in an hour or two here and there per week, so won’t be a while until it’s playable. Hopefully i will have it in a state where i can submit it to Steam Greenlight sometime in 2017.



This game is story driven mystery adventure, with puzzles, and a small amount of first person combat.

The player finds himself in the role of Mike, a facilitator for hire, starting in Mikes apartment you will find an email awaiting you on a laptop, this email is a new job, the job is to locate a missing archaeology professor, you will find that he has been studying a theory called “parallel evolution”, his theory is that on a remote island somewhere there is a species of ape that evolved separately from humans, but in a similar way.

The chain of events will lead you to the professors house, the museum he works at, and the city docks, and eventually you will find that the professor decided to use his private yacht to sail to the island he has been researching to find out for himself. The island is blockaded by the coast guard, supposedly due to suspected pirates operating out of the island, so you hire a captain to sneak you in under the radar. But you soon find that the coast guard’s story is just a cover story, in fact the coast guard ships aren’t really coast guard ships.

You arrive on the island and begin your search for the professor, as time moves along you will begin to explore, all the while you will glimpses odd things, movement in the trees, shadows, odd feelings and so on, and the occasional clue to the location of the professor. It turns out that the professor has been abducted by soldiers posing as coast guard and spirited away to a secret research facility on the other side of the island.

While you are exploring and searching for the professor you will catch glimpses and signs of the ape men, over time these signs will get stronger, and the sightings more often. The ape men won’t attack you, but as you work your way further inland sightings will become more frequent, and eventually you will stumble across what looks like a prisoner of war camp, with various clues and puzzles, which eventually lead you to an underground bunker where you are captured and need to escape.

The exploring goes on inside the bunker, with the odd attack, and puzzles to complete, leading to the discovery of the lab, in the lab you discover that experiments were being carried on prisoners kidnapped and transported from the mainland, horrible sick experiments to discover a way to combine the DNA of humans with the ape men to create hybrid soldiers, as you search the lab you find more and more information about what was happening, including a video diary that explains what happened in the end. It seems that one of the hybrids retained more intelligence than the others and eventually broke free, releasing the other hybrids and slaughtering the scientists, including the professor you are searching for.

At this point the hybrid attacks begin in earnest so you escape the lab via a hidden tunnel you make your way to the other side of the island, where you find that a few of the scientists survived the uprising. They are fighting a war against the hybrids and don’t want any witnesses …. you are a witness and at this point it’s a fight to survive, commandeer a boat and escape.

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