Modular Motel: Update 11-01-16

Here’s a quick test video with some basic textures.

I’m quite pleased so far, the hardest part has been getting the sizes right for it to snap together properly, I breathed a huge sigh of relief when that worked, I’ve got a blender file with a single plain the exact right size I can use for a template now, so it will be easier next time.

I’m not happy with the textures yet, the inside texture is supposed to be a dirty white plaster, but I think the patterns too big, i’m probably going to replace that with an old style wallpaper pattern I have, also the carpet looked good as a texture but now it’s on the model I think it’s a bit garish, I have a brown carpet tile texture I think I will replace that with.

I’m still not sure whether to do the doors and windows separately or built in, i suppose i could do them separately and make a few identical models with different textures for variation if i do it that way.

Again i was planning a railing or at the least supporting posts, still trying to decide on that.

Once the main room module is done i’m planning on a corner office/reception, a corner public room that could be used as a laundry or storage or cantina etc, a free standing motel sign with a small no/vacancy sign swinging from a short chain below it, and various other signs.

Oh and i mustn’t forget to make the classic ice chest from psycho, maybe i’ll even put a dead body in it, or at the least make the ice in it bloody

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